How to Determine the Entrypoint for a Docker Image

You can use docker inspect to determine the entrypoint of a docker image.

The command looks like this:

docker inspect --type=image --format='{{json .Config.Entrypoint}}' <image-name> 

And here’s a real-world example (assuming you have the hashicorp/terraform image downloaded):

docker inspect --type=image --format='{{json .Config.Entrypoint}}' hashicorp/terraform


There are some examples on the official docs but none of the examples covered my use cases, so here are some additional useful docker inspect examples using the busybox image.

List environment variables:

docker inspect --type=image --format='{{json .Config.Env}}' busybox


List the CMD:

docker inspect --type=image --format='{{json .Config.Cmd}}' busybox


Print out the architecture:

docker inspect --type=image --format='{{json .Architecture}}' busybox


The docker inspect command can also be used to inspect other docker resources too, not just images. Check out the documentation for more information.